Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, January 3 : Bloggle Study Genesis 1 & 2

Although I promised New Testament for my Bloggle Studies in 2010, my plans have changed due to a new read-through-the-Bible initiative my husband and I are participating in with our church family. As a congrgation we are reading the book The Story, not to be confused with my book This Is My Story, which is an adaptation of the Bible where in the text is presented as one seamless chronological story with only short transitional blurbs added to, well, assist in transition from one book to another...these are off set by italics so they are not confused as actual Biblical text. Anyway, Tim and I are reading bits of the chapter that will be reviewed in the oncoming weekend's sermon each evening before bed, and I am rereading the same scriptures in the morning during my Bible study and prayer time, so instead of beginning in Matthew, I will start with Genesis and follow along with The Story as our church progresses through it.
(Genesis 1 & 2) I began with Genesis 1 and 2 this morning, and I can't say that a great deal of it spoke to my heart in a fresh, impacting manner that I can clearly relay in writing. I was struck as I always am by Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. I never understood the concept of being created in God's image nor had I been exposed to an explanation until in 2005 when I was attending a Bible Study Fellowship meeting during which the subject was covered. Ever since, a scripture that I had always just coasted by totally pops when I encounter it and has helped define how I relate my creator in recent years! During the said BSF meeting it was explained that God created us giving us small portions of his full-blown abilities and characteristics. For example, he can create out of nothing and enabled us to create from that which he has provided us. He loves perfectly and has enabled us to love as well although without perfection. The list of specific shared traits went on and on and facilitated a deepening in my relationship with my creator because now, I totally embrace him as my overall life mentor and hero. Everything that I am or that I attempt to be, he is except in a bigger, more perfect manner. The connection that I experience with my creator as a writer, a teacher, and a parent is wonderful! Knowing that he is each of those things as well except perfect in each category, allows me to look to him for wisdom and advice as I pursue each endeavor, and how blessed am I, to have the world's most renowned wrtier/teacher/parent as my right hand advisor? Even now, as I write this, I am amazed at his perfection in each of these areas for knowing to set things up this way, so our realtionships with him can be deeper and more meaningful. Oh, and that the creator of the universe desires to be in relationship with us to the extent that he devised all the minute details of creation so that a relationship with him would be more necessary and sought after, and once realized, blissful! God loves you and wants do be in a relationship with you so much that he designed you and the world you live in specifically so you would need him and seek him out, and he promises that if you do seek him, you will find him Matthew 7:7, so start seeking today and find a father who loves you perfectly without end Romans 8:35!


  1. Do you read through the Bible every year or will this be your 1st time?

  2. Not every year. I've made it through several times, but this will be my first time to read through it with my husband:) I'm exccited about sharing that with him and my daughter as much as she will listen at 3-years-old!