Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bloggle Study:1/5/10: Image

This morning I read Genesis 5 & 6 and was immediately struck again in verses 1-2 with the concepts I've already blogged about concerning us being created in God's image and verse 3 shows us a specific example to which we can relate of how God's image is displayed in us. When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, and he named him Seth. The more I meditate of this verse the more I love it! Let's see if I can express why....As a parent I know how deeply I adore my child who this verse describes as being made in my likeness, which is the same wording the Bible uses to describe our relationship with God, so in my mind God must adore you and I with the same depth that I experience as I watch my Lili grow and develop. I will never forget watching her learn to walk across the black and white tile in the basement of our old house when it struck me that my relationship with her as I reached down with adoring amusement to help her back to her feet after she had tumbled to the floor with a gentle thud because she had tried to take a few more steps than she had previously as she toddled along beside Mommy was the same as God's relationship with me as I have grown in my Christian walk and struggled with my sinful nature as I try to walk along side my Savior to the best of my ability. The realization was gold to me because I had always figured that God was mad when I messed up, so understanding that each time I fell in my struggle that he was right there arms extended inspecting for boo-boos with eyes filled with adoration, and could that be a bemused smirk on his face as he witnesses his daughter growing and developing into the woman he created her to be!? Oh, how I love my Savior!, and how awesome a parent/teacher/creator is he to have woven this similar relationship into our exsistences, so we could experience and know first hand how a parent feels about her child knowing it would result in us understanding more deeply how we are loved by the Creator in whose likeness we were made!? I could go on in this vein forever, but I must depart from it here, so I can share one other tid bit that touched me as I experienced God's word this morning. Not far past the first verse I highlighted, Adam's lineage is outlined in chapter 5, and as I read it not much holds great meaning for me although, I am sure it has a purpose that one with a more thourough Biblical education could explain. I do notice, however, in verse 22 something new is said of one of Adam's descendants. Enoch walked with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. I can only hope that if there is ever a time when God records my life story for the education of future generations that he would say of me that Cori walked with God, or as it is said of Noah in chapter 6 that [Cori]Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord, and later,[Cori] Noah was a righteous [woman] man, blameless among the people of[her]his time,[she]he walked with God, and finally in verse 22 [Cori] Noah did everything just as God commanded him. It is the desire of my heart to be such a child to my Creator that I could be described in such complimentary terms! I am afraid I often fall terribly short, but thankfully, as mentioned before, my Creator adores me anyway! I love this concept that the story that the Bible tells is continued in our lives because it is a reality that God's work and kingdom building continues today in our lives, so what will be said of you? Will you be one of the standouts in the list of your geneology who walked with God, or will you blend into the monotony of the list being skimmed over by the less educated readers who encounter your story? This is my question to myself. I don't have to be a leading character like Noah. I just want it to be said of me that I walked with God and served him faithfully in whatever role he gives me big or small!

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