Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disney's Jungle Juntion, Compost, and the Power of Jesus

My dughter, Lili, is a huge fan of one of Disney's newest shows, Jungle Junction. I was watching an episode with her the other day and was struck by an unintended message that the program expressed. One of the characters had been collecting fruit and vegetable scraps to create a big compost pile for the communities' garden, and the other residents of jungle Junction were greatly opposed to the project because of the terrible odor that it caused, but they soon found out after the compost was applied to the garden, that it was responsible for helping produce the sweet, sweet smell of the jungle lily. In other words, the stinky stuff ended up having a beautiful aroma in the end that all the characters were pleased with, so they changed their tune about the stinky compost all together in the end. This story brought to mind my feelings about the events of my life. My stroke and open-heart surgery are the equivalent of the stinky stuff that no one wanted around at first, but I can now catch a wiff of something very sweet brewing as a result because of the power of Jesus at work in my life! How awesome is a God who can take tradgedy and heart-ache and turn it into great memories and joy!? How awesome is a God who can take stinky compost and grow a beautiful, fragrant jungle lily!? Okay, I guess that instance was just the magic of Disney, but I can promise you Disney nor anyone else could duplicate what the power of Jesus has accomplished in my life!

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