Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Company for the Holidays

If you had been following this blog, you probably noticed my absence over the past couple weeks. My wonderful husband wisked my daughter and I away on a surprise vacation to Disney World. It was a great time, and on the way home when I was using my phone to catch up on my facebook friends, I noticed one of them had posted that she was feeling alone during this Holiday season due to a recently broken home and tight finances. As I considered this friend's situation I began to feel guilty for the joy, peace, and blessing that I experience in my own life, and wondered, "Why me?" aloud to my husband. He quickly responded by suggesting we offer assistance to this friend to which I agreed as I was transported back to a night in my hospital bed with my husband standing to my left side while the low glow of the room light illuminates us in my memory like a spot light. My husband was sharing the events of a busy day of moving that had been accomplished by our church family and people from his work on our behalf the weekend after my stroke. Prior to my stroke we had always teased each other about our recluse-like nature and joked around that we had no close friends, which is what seemed true to us at the time, so we wondered at the crowds of people who showed up to accomplish the task that we were unable to do on our own as the storm raged in our lives. I was struck so clearly in that moment that God had provided for our need in a very practical way and assured that he would continue to do so no matter what the next moment held. I love sharing these stories because they take me back to moments when I basked in the assurance of God's presence in specific moments of my life. Its important to note that his involvement didn't guarentee that the bad stuff didn't happen or that the unpleasant went away, but even more valuable, it guarenteed that I was never alone in my struggle and neither are you! If you are feeling alone, open your eyes to God's presence in your life, and reciprocate his love and faithfulness. Its time to really start believing God's promises that are realized in our lives only through Christ Jesus...not just believing in his existence but taking him at his word and resting in what he says! Hebrews 13:5 ...because God has said," Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you, So we say with confidence, The Lord id my helper; I will not be afraid.

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