Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A child's prayer-My love story

I always dreaded the question,"so, how did you meet?" because I didn't feel that Tim and I had a very good love story. We met my freshman year in highschool(He was a senior.) but didn't begin to date exclusively until I was a sophmore and neither of us being very committed to following Jesus at that point didn't necessarily make honoring God the highlight of our relationship:( One good thing other than us marrying eventually that came out of our relationship, Tim barely knew the name of Jesus when we met, but by the time we were married he had heard and embraced the gospel whole heartedly, which led to now, Tim being a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ and an amazing husband and father. See boring ,until...FLASHBACK...I'm, maybe, twelve huddled in the worn blankets of my bed in my parent's home with tear streaked cheeks illuminated by the street light shining through the high windows of our late 60's ranch. My heart is broken in the way only a pre-pubescent girl's heart can be broken by the cruel words of an unappreciative crush. Being just about as awkward and ugly as a 7th grade girl can be, I mean acne, braces, glasses...everything, the boy I had crushed on since 3rd grade had responded by barking like a dog that day when the secret I had held close to my heart for 4 long years became public knowledge:( Now, with my heart raw from rejection, I went to the only place I knew to provide eternal, unconditional acceptance...my Father-in Heaven. "Father, please, let me meet someone who will love me for who I am!" I silently sent the plea heavnward countless times not really knowing whether God entertained the silly, romantic musings of children or not, but I had to give it a try...FLASHFORWARD...Freshman year...all of the sudden...boys like me now including one intense and persistent boy named Tim who happened to be dating another girl at the time...see what I mean...what kind of love story begins with that!? Anyway, by the time Sophmore year rolled around, they were over, and Tim ever needing a companion called me up, and we quickly became an item in spite of the fact I suspected he might still be carrying a jones for the girl....see it just gets worse doesn't it!:P.....FLASHFORWARD As we dated I found out that Tim stuck like glue, and that glue kept its hold through two years of college and led to a marriage proposal during my sophmore year at the University of Evansville and a wedding date set for the summer( August 5, 2000) before my Junior year. I was a reluctant bride because I was never entirely convinced that Tim really loved me for who I was because of our crazy, totally unromantic beginning. FLASHFORWARD once again to a hospital room on the neuro-floor where a young husband keeps faithful vigil over his dying wife who, up to this point, has survived the massive stroke that has unexpectedly stolen half her physical function. When it becomes apparent that she was going to survive, he stayed right by her side fighting with her to regain as much function as she possibly could, but not once did he recoil from the task ahead even when the possibility existed that she might be dependent indefinitely. His only concern was her comfort and that she survive to share life with him rather than hoping that she might expire, so he wouldn't be burdened with the load of a nearly 30-year-old requiring assistance toileting. At some unexact point in the tedious weeks that followed, I realized that this man loved me exactly as I was for the woman he had known and still knew whether he had to help me wipe my rear and escort me safely to the restroom forever or not. It became apparent to me that I was a precious treasure to this man who had spent the weeks and then months following my stroke doting on me and ensuring that I had everything necessary to live comfortably in my new handicapped state no matter what the cost. My husband's unfailing love transported me back to that night in my childhood bed with the dark room lit by the street light and tears coursing down my cheeks when I cried out to God for just such a companion, at the time, not even realizing what I was asking for or to what extent I would need to be loved unconditionally in the future, I mean, this was a little more than glasses and zits, and I KNEW with all my heart that this man was and always had been the answer to that childhood prayer. How had I missed it before, now to think, I didn't believe I had a good love story!? Never will I take for granted the precious gift my husband is to me from my Father-in-Heaven, or will I feel ashamed of this amazing love story written by the creator of the universe.Now, Tim and I have shared nearly 10 amazing years together, and I love him more everyday, and I can honestly say our relationship is heavenly! I LOVE YOU, TIM! THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME WHEN EVEN I AM DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF!

Matthew 7:7-8 Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find;Knock and the door will be open to you . For everyone who asks receives;he who seeks finds;and to him who knocks the door will be open.

Thank you, Father in Heaven for listening and answering to even a child's earnest request! Never think that God hasn't heard you or responded to your prayers. You could be holding the answer in your arms already and not realize it! God has so got your back!:), and he is so absolutely serious about his promises, so take them seriously!

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  1. Wow! I know I'm reading this late, but just seen it. What an amazing love story for our Lord!! Cori, we have never actually met (I don't think), but I'm from Loogootee and I graduated in 90. I know if your family and Tim's. I actually coach Tim's sister in bball in 7th and 8th grade. Anyway, I used to be an Arvin. I have read your comments on FB and a little of your blog and I would LOVE to meet with you! I do not get home much, but I live in St. Anthony(Ferdinand); so not far. I am interested in meeting with you and maybe forming a friendship around Christ! I am always looking to grow in Christianity with others. I write several books and am trying to publish, so sharing stories n inspirations in Christ with others is something I live to do. I have always liked the way you are uplifted by God's power n mercy and it shows in your comments n stories. So....if you don't think I'm crazy and block me; give me an email sometime with your contact info. If I think about it, Ill shoot you my info on FB. Anyway, I do enjoy this story and I think it would be a blessing to get to know you in Christ! Take care....Lori Weaver (Arvin)