Friday, November 27, 2009

Call Me Crazy: A Belated Thanksgiving Post

I can barely think the thoughts required to type this post. Each one I have, my mind automatically stops and questions itself, but I've run over them so many times that I know they're true! I have come to the point that I am totally thankful for my stroke, the resulting brain damage and loss of physical function/independence, open-heart surgery, and the unsightly scar that came along with it( knid of like the toy in a kids meal!). Why do I say these insane things? Each of these additions to my life story ( to steal the words from a jewel of a therapist on one of my mopey days) has enriched my ability to experience life to the extent that the simplest moments are magical!:) I mean, how many people get the privelege of remembering a time when they couldn't get up in the night to pee independently or use the restroom in privacy no matter what call nature was sending and getting to celebrate internally(or externally if you want to wake everyone up, in this case.) each time you can in the future? Night time potty breaks aren't the only activity infused with this heightened awareness of what a privelege it is to be and do. The list goes on and on of what I couldn't and what I now CAN accomplish on my own, SO essentially thanks to my stroke,etc. my life is one little party after another:) The holiday really brought out the I can cook independently party!:) Anyway, I just adore this new perspective with which I have the rare privelege of viewing life!, so I am adding my stroke to my list of things for which I am thankful! Oh yeah, my scar...its just fun now that its battle scar, and it really freaks people out when they get a peek of it! Really, I guess its just how a person chooses to look at things in the end:) I praise God for helping me see these otherwise unfortunate events as blessings! Thank you Father! I love you SO, SO much!

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