Friday, May 21, 2010

Risky Business

The longer I am a parent, the more amazed and thankful I am for my Father-in- Heaven's eternal patience, grace, and mercy! As my 3-year-old whinily explains over and over in what she considers sound logic why she just CANNOT do what I have asked of her even though, I her loving parent have never steered her wrong, she just refuses to trust my advice and obey, anyway, as this all occurs and my patience wears thin to the point of insanity, I wonder how often I have done just the same thing to God, and after experiencing how completely annoying it is, I am totally humbled and amazed by his never-tiring, perfect patience! Let's share, what has God been asking of you for days maybe even years that you have been resisting because you, in your "sound logic" just know you will get hurt or embarassed? Is it forgiving and trusting someone who has hurt you in the past? I heard on the radio yesterday that the Christian life is risky, and yes, it does seem that way when we follow God's leading for our lives blindly, but I guarentee you its riskier to go your own way because our creator loves us, and knowing everything about everything uses his wisdom concerning us and our environment to lead us to the most desirable existence possible, so when we ignore him in order to avoid risk, we actually risk missing out on the peaceful, joy-filled existence he wants to lead us to, so I challenge you to risk it all, practice blind-faith, and enjoy God's blessing of peace and joy on your life!

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  1. This is so true Cori! Thank you for puting is this way! My daughters do the same thing to me. Must be a child-thing cause I know I done the same with my parents as well. LOL However, you put it in a perspective that makes me step back look at it in another light. I have often thought of how many times I doubted my Lord and how many times I let Him down. It pains me really!! So often I can see Him sitting in His Heavenly Realm and just shaking His head in disappointment with me. I remind myself that every day because I want my future to be one He can can be proud of. After all, it is eternity we are living for, not the past. He knows every hair on our heads - How Blessed We Are!